10 22-02-2019 Fri Córdoba

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We had a very leisurely start to the day, only leaving the hotel at 11:30, for a bus at 12:30.

view from our room

This was good because it allowed the bags to be packed in a more orderly fashion. Plus I got all my storage media updated.

The staff here have been very helpful – nice people, with commendable tolerance for travellers who do not speak their language. Update on the slider: irreparable.

We made it to the bus station in plenty of time.

bus station

It left a little late anyway. This time we had top level front row seats, which was good.

The scenery was much the same as on the way to Rosario – flat farmland with flourishing crops. My brother Thilo would like it, I’m sure. Apart from corn (maize) I could not identify any of the crops. I kept wanting to get off the bus so I could have a closer look, but that was not possible. I’m still a farm boy at heart, I guess.

gum trees in Bell Ville

The coach stopped in a wearying number of small places on the latter half of the trip. One of them was Villa Maria. Another was Cañada de Gomez. And also Bell Ville, which brought memories of Canada (there is a town Belleville on/near the St Laurence River). Our driver liked to tailgate other vehicles, which was a little unnerving.

One interesting facet of travel here is the traffic signalling. They have the usual red, amber, green signals, but at many intersections on the trip today also a countdown timer for the green light. They like to judge it fine here, as a result.

The last part of the route into Córdoba was on a motorway which was most pleasant. It also sgtarted to rain, but the sky had lovely cloud formations.

As we reached the outskirts of the city, whose approaches were scenic, the reality of the extensive shanty town there was rather disheartening.

This city has quite a different appearance and flavour to Rosario. Both have about the same population – 1.3M, but Córdoba seems newer and more expansive. It is also the capital of a province of the same name. We saw very little this evening, but we liked it, esp. the wide boulevard. More tomorrow. The day’s journey was a little long, at 7 hours, covering about 400 Km.

Before dinner I was in the process of sitting down to start my evening’s activities, when the chair under me collapsed, with one wooden leg coming off. I was most fortunate not to hit my head on the sharp edge of the desk. Nothing hurt luckily. I inspected the chair and deduced they had not used sufficient, if any, glue to hold the pieces together.

Dinner was a very nice Italian place not far from the hotel.

Fuer Petra

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